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ZERO95 Group chases their second World Pizza Title at the International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas 2023

Zero95 are sending their head Pizzaiolo, Claudio Garissi to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the 39th annual International Pizza Expo at the end of March. Zero95 are no strangers to championship quality pizza having won the World’s Best Pizza title in 2016. Keen to reaffirm their winning status, they have entered Claudio into the Neapolitan Pizza Category. Claudio will be using the same ingredients and suppliers that Zero95 uses in Australia, taking all products with him to represent why their pizza’s are the world’s best. Just like a superstar wears brilliant designs, Claudio is supported by all Australian suppliers to assemble his winning formula, with tomatoes provided by Rossa Gargano, flour by Molino Dallagiovanna, and cheese by Latteria Sorrentina.

How to Make the Best Pizza from Home with our Head Pizza Chef Claudio.

At Zero95, the key thing to making the best pizza is using the best ingredients. We use Molino Dallagiovanna Flour and Rosso Gargano Tomatoes that you received from us a few weeks ago with your takeaway order.